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Shirley K. Jellison, MFT

I've closed my practice effective May 1, 2009. 

I am taking a break from the hard work of therapy.  I look forward to a good rest, more time with my family, and a future when I feel ready and called back to helping people the best way I know how.  I am grateful to all my patients over the years for the honor of witnessing their growth and development. 
I keep you all in my heart and send you my best wishes.  Take Care, Always, Shirley

My previous phone line, (916) 443-3659,
is now aswered by my colleague, Susan Haverty, MFT.  She specializes in cognitive behavioral treatment of obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, panic, social anxiety and other conditions.  She will know how to reach me if you are a past client to whom I have not been able to bid warefell personally.