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Shirley K. Jellison, MFT
Private psychotherapy at your pace, under your control, completely confidential
Board of Behavioral Science Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFT36773
3067 Freeport Blvd.  Sacramento, CA  95818  (916) 443-3659
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     Hello!  My name is Shirley Jellison and I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  My office is located in the Land Park area of Sacramento and I offer intensive psychotherapy for people experiencing a range of psychological concerns.  Common problems presented by my patients include depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, eating disorders, and career inhibitions.   I see my role as a therapist as a guide and witness in discovering and understanding the causes of suffering while helping to build personality structures that lead to more fulfillment.  
     My services are confidential, in depth, and not subject to the obstacles posed by managed care companies.  Training and experience tell me that confidentiality and continuity are two of the cornerstones of successful psychotherapy.  As a result, I have made the decision not to accept payment from managed care companies due to the negative effects of requirements such as detailed diagnosis and treatment reporting that violates patient confidentiality.  In addition, the frequent need to reauthorize treatment for patients threatens the degree of continuity necessary for in depth psychotherapy.  Disturbingly, at times patients may unconsciously continue their suffering in order to remain eligible for continued therapy that is important to them.  It is my goal to offer the most effective and safe environment for psychotherapy, therefore I accept only private fee for service arrangements for treatment.  
     Intensive psychotherapy is not for everyone.  I work with people who are able to benefit from in depth approaches:  clients who are motivated, able to work hard and pursue long-term goals, and have a strong desire to understand themselves and others.  Certain problems interfere with the ability to benefit from intensive psychotherapy and must be attended to in other specialized settings before beginning in depth psychotherapy.  These issues include active substance abuse, domestic violence, and court ordered treatment requirements among other situations.  Please contact your local mental health association for assistance or referrals in these areas.