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About Psychotherapy
     There are many methods and theories of psychotherapy.  Though each is distinct, they all have a common purpose:  To assist people to live life more fully. What can get in the way of living a full life?  Depression,  Phobias, Compulsions, Anxiety, Fear, Jealousy, Anger, Shame, Self-Defeat, Dissociation, Survivor Guilt, and other forms of psychological defense.  
     My approach to helping you live life more fully begins with the process of learning about your unique experience of yourself and the world.  Together, you and I focus on the content of both conscious and unconscious messages learned from parents and other important authority figures.  We use the therapeutic relationship to test the truth of strongly held beliefs that may interfere with growth, health, and relationships.  
     The course and length of therapy is determined by your goals and individual needs.  Many patients remain in treatment for long periods of time revising their goals as they grow.  Other patients discontinue therapy once specific goals have been reached and may return as their needs change.  Decisions about your therapy are always up to you.