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Shirley K. Jellison, MFT

Budgeting for Therapy


Therapy is expensive and requires a considerable commitment of two important resources: Time and Money. In order to accomodate therapy in your budget, you may find it necessary to consider sacrificing or cutting back on some other priorities. Most people find that the benefits of therapy far outweigh the costs of neglecting problems in relationships and personal well-being.
My fee for therapy is $95.00 per fifty minute session. I also offer a sliding fee scale beginning at $60.00 for students and others with special circumstances. Payment by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) is requested at the time of each session.
Healthy Budget Tips
  • Use your public library to borrow books and other media for free instead of spending a bundle at bookstores or on-line retailers.  You'll stop cluttering your shelves with that growing collection of once (or never) read books.
  • Commit yourself to walking, biking or taking public transit whenever you leave home to avoid driving and rising fuel costs.  You'll get some exercise, an excellent mood stabilizer and stress reliever.
  • Arrange to carpool for long commutes.  Splitting the cost of fuel with other passengers helps you save money and decreases social isolation.
  • Replace many expensive leisure time activities with low or no cost/high reward options such as volunteering for agencies like Habitat for Humanity, visiting lonely elders in nursing homes, attending worship services, donating to a charity, taking a walk to the park, writing in a journal, or sketching in a notebook.
  • Cancel cable or other subscription services that decrease the time you spend being physically active, socially engaged, or thoughtful about your life and goals. 
  • Are you paying a monthly exercise club fee because you think it will motivate you to exercise, but you never actually go?  You could spend that money on therapy to help you feel better, smarter and much less guilty!
  • Change costly habits related to nicotine, alcohol, food, shopping, drugs or gambling.

Shirley K. Jellison, MFT
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