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Shirley K. Jellison, MFT


Chosing the Right Therapist for You:

The following information about my practice and principles will help you determine whether you and I might be a good therapeutic match to work together.

I see my role as a therapist as a guide and witness in discovering and understanding the causes of suffering while helping to build personality structures that lead to more fulfillment.

Common problems presented by my patients include:

-relationship conflicts
-eating disorders
-career inhibitions
-life transitions

Intensive psychotherapy is not for everyone. I work with people who are able to benefit from in depth approaches: clients who are motivated, able to work hard and pursue long-term goals, and have a strong desire to understand themselves and others.

Certain problems interfere with the ability to benefit from intensive psychotherapy and must be attended to in other specialized settings before beginning in depth psychotherapy. These issues include active substance abuse, domestic violence, and court ordered treatment requirements, among other situations. Please contact your local mental health association for assistance or referrals in these areas.

Please call (916) 443-3659 if you have questions or wish to discuss scheduling an appointment.  
Thank You. 

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